Find your
competitive edge
through professional coaching.

Find your
competitive edge
through professional coaching.

Find your
competitive edge
through professional coaching.

Corporate Solutions individual solutions

Transparency and Authenticity

Transparency and authenticity lead to quality relationships, products, and services.

Effective Focus consistently demonstrates these core values to deliver effective corporate consulting and individual coaching solutions.

Effective Focus operates on two basic values, Transparency and Authenticity.
The consistent demonstrations of these critical values align actions to deliver effectiveness through quality relationships, products, and services.


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Corporate Solutions

We transform short-term Fixers into effective Leaders.

Leaders who habitually fix problems stifle innovation and suppress engagement.

Leaders who coach effectively create an environment that promotes:

  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Accountability

Effective Focus transforms short-term fixers into Leaders who coach for Lasting Solutions.


Individual Solutions

Ready to tap into your full potential?

Take control of your career. Individual Coaching is for you if:


  • You’re ready to stop allowing the opinions of others determine your growth.
  • You believe that doing something different will yield different outcomes.
  • You see something in your future that’s so enticing you’ll move mountains to realize it.
  • You’re ready for better results!


Bridge the vast chasm between knowing and doing!


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Effective Leaders Coach Program Participant

Kristine reaches people where they are.

Stephanie Austin, MBA, CMPE

Vice President of Operations & Patient Experience / USMD Health System

Kristine's discussion about, "An engaged employee makes decisions, produces work, and acts in ways that are mutually beneficial to the organization and themselves", was a hit. lt truly resonated with the employees and they are still in conversation around this today.

Effective Leaders Coach Program Participant

This program will take the brand to the next level and create that culture change.

Paola Vizcaino

HR Professional

Kristine is a fabulous coach. She creates a safe space for you to evaluate, brainstorm, try, discover, learn and even fail. She has this special way of always turning things into positive. Kristine is candid and honest, but she does it just the right way. Her Building Personal Resilience program, using HeartMath® techniques, is life changing. In just four weeks I was able to see a big improvement in my personal effectiveness.

Effective Leaders Coach Program Participant

Effective Leaders puts us in a place so that we can become an employer of choice.

Jennifer C. Levy SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MBA

Human Capital Partner / UnitedHealth Group

Kristine does a great job captivating and keeping her audience engaged. The topics and hands-on exercises enforce her learning objectives and she stretches attendees to think in a different mindset.

Effective Leaders Coach Program Participant

The Effective Leaders program opened up deep thoughts on how I do lead and how I can lead.

Debra Barnes

Director of Nurses / Senior Care Centers Health and Rehabilitation

My leadership skills in that area have greatly improved thru her coaching. Now Kristine is helping me recognize personal triggers. I never knew how much professional coaching could help. I highly recommend Kristine to anyone who wants to improve their Leadership or Professional skills.

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Obligated No More

Are you putting in countless hours at work? Have you ever woken up and wondered where the last twenty years went? Ever asked yourself, “how the hell did I end up here?”

In Obligated No More, Kristine will show you how to make mindful choices with your time, resources, and talents to create the life you want, not the one you feel you are “stuck” with.

Obligated No More was written so that you can:

  • stop feeling guilty & start living your life
  • give less & get more
  • put you first & enjoy better results
  • leverage your past & create your future
  • get out of your own way & align to your purpose

Create self-awareness through the use of practical exercises – the ones that Kristine uses herself on her journey to a guilt-free life. If you are sick of the status quo and are ready for a change, this is most definitely the book for you.

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