Effective Leaders Make Change Happen

Equip your leaders with the right skills.

Leaders who habitually fix problems stifle innovation and suppress engagement.

Leaders who coach effectively create an environment that promotes innovation, problem-solving, personal accountability.

Effective Focus transforms short-term fixers into Leaders who coach for Lasting Solutions.


  • Achieve business strategies
  • Cultivate succession readiness for up-and-coming leaders
  • Accelerate culture transformation
  • Reduce workplace stress and improve creativity and productivity
  • Increase transparency to knock down silos and enhance cross-team communication for more effective solutions
  • Improve satisfaction scores (employees, clients, patients)
  • Create an environment that attracts highly talented millennials skilled in innovation and emerging technologies
  • Optimize personal performance
  • Empower employees
  • Reduce turnover


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A New Day — calls for a new way

The Coaching Competitive Advantages


Today we are all competing for the best employees and ideal clients. Creating and crafting the most effective culture for your organization can be a strong competitive edge. When employees feel valued and safe, they will outperform the competition every time.

Coaching is a skill, a language, a management style and a culture that is strength-based and enables individuals to reach their individual potential.


A Tool in The Toolbox

Coaching is the point of differentiation when it comes to engaging the workforce and increasing innovation. Leaders that are equipped with professional coaching skills evoke thought, maximize potential, and create greater outcomes.


A New Way of Communicating

Promote the development of an effective coaching language that empowers all levels of the organization to hold one another accountable in a positive manner that increases engagement and operation quality standards. As professionals we are missing opportunities to receive and give quality feedback due to the lack of skillful delivery – resulting in missed growth opportunities.


Capture Untapped Potential

The current style of any leader is most often a result of how they were once managed.  That style is often not relative to today’s high performing employees that are looking to be treated more like equals than as subordinates. Interact with employees as valued partners that need only encouragement, discovery and clarity so that the employee can bring more value to the job at hand.


An Environment That Supports Growth

Organizational cultures that support individual discovery, learning and discussion encourage employee engagement and innovation at a higher rate.

Accountability is foundational in an organization that promotes coaching, as it is no longer the responsibility of just the manager, but it is now a shared responsibility by all members of the organization.


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What People Are Saying


“I’m leaving this program as a better leader.”

“This experience was more than I ever thought it could be and what I thought I could get out of it.”


“The Effective Leaders program will take the brand to the next level and create that culture change.”

“This will help us grow at a much faster rate and I’m talking about the development of our people and moving them along at a much faster rate.”

“Effective Leaders puts us in a place so that we can become an employer of choice.”

“Opened up deep thoughts on how I do lead and how I can lead.”

“Kristine reaches people where they are.”